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Foodie Fix: MC Kitchen Emphasizes On Sourcing Locally Sourced Foods To Create Authentic Italian Dishes

Posted: 10:58 AM, Mar 28, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-28 10:59:23-04

Nestled in the heart of the booming Miami Design District sits a modern Italian restaurant called MC Kitchen.

It’s an authentic Italian eatery and bar with an open kitchen and stylish interiors with white tablecloths. Leading way to a sophisticated, yet, casual feel. When it comes to the menu, Executive Chef Victor Toro emphasizes the importance of sourcing local foods.

"The inspiration for me as a chef is simplicity, I love to create something based on the quality of the ingredients I get. I ask my team to help me create new items for the menu and we all pitch in here and there," said Toro.

Everything at MC Kitchen is made in-house. Chef Toro starts with making us the bolognese.

"We take our blend of veal, pork and venison and we add some parsley and veal demi-glace and let that reduce. Then we add garganelli pasta and some parmesan cheese. And we finished it off by garnishing it with some shaved parmesan cheese," said Toro.

Next, a signature antipasti item: the burrata.

"First we put a green olive puree on the plate, then we add some tomatoes and some burrata cheese with salt and pepper, then we add some prosciutto and some balsamic pearls for a garnish. We then use a balsamic reduction and some olive oil to finish it off," said Toro.

MC Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner and they are open for brunch on Sundays. For more information go to