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Christmas Shopping Just Got Easier!

Posted: 11:34 AM, Dec 11, 2019
Updated: 2019-12-17 14:20:28-05

Christmas is right around the corner and the time to start shopping for gifts is winding down.

If you need any toy gift ideas for the kids, Toy Express owners Patrick and Melissa Savoie have you covered!

"Children now these days, they are looking for something interactive, something unique. So, Squoosh-O's is a big thing and it's been going on for a while. Coming up for the holidays, we've found more and more kids looking for Squoosh-O's. Also, we have slime and slime right now is big. A lot of kids are so into slime because all these items are very stress-free and children playing with these items it relaxes their mind, which is good for them. We try to offer items that will keep them away from their cellphones, tablets, and those games so they can be more interactive and start to develop and learn more on how to do other activities," said Savoie.

And, if you want educational toys for your kids Toy Express has a variety of them.

Savoie shows some of the educational gifts they offer in the store. To see some of these items click on the video.

Toy Express is located in Coral Springs and if you want more information you can head on over to